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Private & Semi Private Event Options | Form Below

Private Events: The Restaurant s[ace is completely rented out for the duration of the event.  The time for this is usually 3-4 hours during our normal operating hours.  This is a space rental charge that includes food & beverage.  Tax & gratuity are separate.  Any event over 40 guests will require a private space rental.  Pricing for this option will start at $3,500.00, plus tax & gratuity.

Semi-Private Event: This allows for OAK to seat restaurant guests not within your party at the bar, patio, and remaining inside tables.  Your space is usually the tasting table area up to the bar. The time for this is usually 2 hours during our normal operating hours.  There can be no speeches, toasts, videos that require the entire room to be silent. This is a per person charge.  A minimum of 20 guests and a maximum of 35 guests for this option.  Anything above 40 guests will require a Private Event space.  This is a per person pricing.  The cost per person will start at $45.00 per person plus tax & gratuity.

Semi Private Brunch: Starts at $45 per person, plus tax and 20% gratuity.  The food & beverage are included in the event rental price.  If you wish to not provide the bottomless mimosas, the cost is $35.00 per person plus tax & 25% gratuity.

Private Brunch: Starts at $3,500 plus tax and 25% gratuity for a Sunday rental.  The food & beverage are included in the event rental price.

Menu:  Menus are created to each individual event/guest.  We will work to accommodate most dietary needs, and special guest requests.

Deposit:  Deposits are generally due 2 weeks prior to the event.

Guaranteed Guest Count:  Guest counts are due 4 days prior to event date.  A guaranteed amount is the number of guests you provide at that time.  You will be charged a minimum of that number of guests.  Anything above 5 additional guests the day of the event will incur additional charges.  The minimum amout for a semi-private event is 20 guests and will be charged for 20 guests even if the guest count is lower on the day of your event.

Additional information:  Semi-Private events are scheduled for two hours.  Anything beyond the scheduled time will incur a space rental fee of $150.00 per hour.  Decorating for your event should remain minimial when it is a semi-private event.  Also, you will only be allotted 30 minutes prior to your event to set up, but you may not arrive prior to operating hours.  Our space is small, so petite decorations are always the better choice.  You may bring in your own cake for the event, but if you wish for us to cut your cake and pass it around, it will be an additional $25.00 ++ charge.